"Sopra la Terra"

Sant' Angelo a Fasanella:  Via Conca and Spino del' Assino.

Nonno Michele Barone's house on Via Conca.

The ancient stone walls as well as the inside structures have been modernized. This is where we stayed durring our visit. The house now belongs to my mother's siblings, Antonio Barone and Suora Elisa.

Via Conca. The green door on the right is across the way from Nonno Michele Barone's house.

This buiilding also belongs to the extended Barone family and once housed the family donkey and chickens.

Via Conca from the balcony of Nonno Michele's house

Carolyn on the couch in front of the old fireplace/stove.

The old stove is no longer used since a modern kitchen has been installed in the back room (once used for storage). This is a very old house, but the interior has been modernized. You can get a better sense of what the original layout of this house was like when we visit my great grandfather's house down the street.

Inside the house having pranzo (midday meal).

View from the balcony of the house directly across on Via Conca.

This picture was taken the day that Italy's national team beat Germany in the 2006 world cup games. Italy went on to beat France for the championship.

In the entry room of the house next door there is a working well.

The well has been decorated with marble and covered with a locked door. Inthe picture is my mother's good friend Sinuccia (Teresa) Scorza with my dad, Mario.

The intersection of Via Conca and the first street near Nonno Michele's house.

Another house on Via Conca with a modern door but the original stone walls.

The wood pole extending out from the wall on the right is seen on several houses. The pole was use to hang freshly butchered animals.

House on Via Conca with original stone walls and door.

Front Door to my Great grandfather's (Antonio Barone) house on a streeet once called Spino del' Assino. The house is 300-400 years old

The entry to my great grandfather's house.

There are 2 rooms visible on the left; additional rooms and a staircase to upstairs is on on the right (not visible)

A view from upstairs.

My father Mario remembers staying in this house when he was courting my mother and serving as a carpenter's apprentice (late 1940s).

The kitchen on the ground floor

Room with a fire place

Back room. This house was abandoned by the family in the 1970s and has remained unoccupied ever since.

A painting still hangs on the wall of one of the rooms on the lower floor.

Another room. The only inhabitants are the tree swallows. One can be seen flying on the left side of the room.

View from the back Window. Sant' Angelo, like all the towns in the area, is perched on the side of a mountain.

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