More pictures of  "Sopra la Terra"

The pictures below are from houses near the town square  (Piazza Ortale) and of scenery from the road between Sant' Angelo and the next town, Corleto Monforte.


These houses are new construction. They replace houses that were damaged in the 1980 earthquake.

My mother was a seamstress for many years; as a young girl she took her sewing lessons from inside this house.

A satellite TV dish and grape vine on the balcony of an old house.

The town butcher preparing steaks for us on July 4th, 2006.

My dad likes to joke that there is no 4 on the Italian calender for July because they don't celebrate the 4th of July. Well, we decided to celebrate it any way with barbecued steaks.

My aunt, Sister Elisa, wondering about the Americans' curious customs.

This was the only barbecue we could find. My aunt convinced us that, 4th of July notwithstanding, it just couldn't handle the steaks. So we barbecued a few peppers and cooked the steaks on the stove in the house.

The main fountain in the Piazza Ortale.

This fountain once was the main source of water in the town. Today the water is ornamental and non potable.

My mom and dad met at this fountain. How romantic!

Tractors have replaced all of the working animals in the town.

Inside the Municipal building.

This building was once a convent (Convento di S. Giuseppe e S. Teresa) the view of the valley from the back window is spectacular.

The town's Coat of Arms

An olive tree just outside the town

Diana on the laps of Michael, Amanda, and Carolyn

OK, next time we rent a car that fits all of us.

View from Umbaldo Vigorito's house on the road between Sant' Angelo and Corleto.