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Each semester the topic area for research proposals is restricted to a central psychological phenomenon.  The topic area for Spring 2002 is:

Behavioral Compulsions

You will read several articles that introduce this topic and describe the scope of the phenomenon.  From this basic introduction you will be asked to identify a specific problem, review the research literature, and formulate a research question. 

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Attendance & participation (20%)

You are expected to attend ALL classes. There will be an assignment due almost every week and you must be present to make your weekly contribution to the analysis and discussion of the articles. In order for this course to run smoothly it is imperative that assignments are completed ON TIME. 

Midterm Exam (20%)

An Exam on the articles analyzed in class and experimental methodology will be given during the mid semester. You need to prepare for this exam by attending seminar class and reviewing your notes from your Statistics class and Experimental Psychology class.

Formal presentation (20%)

A formal presentation of your proposal using PowerPoint. 

Final Paper (40%)

Final research proposal paper in proper APA-style Format

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