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Neurons and action potentialPSYC 3217: Survey of the physiological basis for sensation and perception, motivation and emotion, altered states of consciousness and learning and memory. Basic neurophysiological methods and the functions of the nervous system included. Prerequisites: PSYC 1101, 3 credits.    myWEB@SHU



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Are you having difficulty understanding the chemical characteristics of a neuron? Read this brief review of basic chemistry

Dr. John H. Krantz at Hanover College has provided a collection of tutorials on basic neural functions. Try them out.

Etholog logoEtholog ( Windows-based freeware) is an ethological behavioral transcription tool used to facilitate the observation of the behavior of people and animals. This program can be used for observational and experimental research projects. We use Etholog in the Physiological Psychology Laboratory to systematically record the effects of various drugs on the behavior of rats.   Download the file to your hard drive, use your favorite utility to unzip the file, and run the install.exe file to install the program.

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