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  • Biological Psychology  by James W. Kalat

  • WebTUTOR for Kalat’s Biological Psychology


EXAMS (75%): There will be 3 exams. All exams will be given on Fridays (see schedule below)and will consist of multiple choice, fill-ins,  true-false statements and short essay questions. All questions will be derived from lecture material and the textbook.

  • Exam 1: 10/5

  • Exam 2: 11/2

  • Exam 3: 12/2

   Do not miss an exam unexcused. Call my office and leave a message or send e-mail. I strongly recommend that you do not miss any scheduled exams.  Nevertheless, you will not be penalized for taking one makeup exam. However, any additional makeups will include a penalty: a grade reduction of one letter grade (e.g., a B becomes a C).

     WebTUTOR QUIZZES (10%): Quizzes will be provided on WebTUTOR through Blackboard.  You must take at least 10 of the quizzes to satisfy the Quiz requirement for the course.  10 pts will be given for each passed quiz up to 10 quizzes. 10 passed quizzes = 100 pts, 9 passed quizzes = 90 pts, etc.) A passing grade on a quiz is 65%. You may take the quizzes at any time and you may take any combination of quizzes that you like. The point of the quizzes is to help you study the material so, take as many of them as possible and in a timely manner (i.e., prior to a scheduled exam.  To take the quizzes Log on to Blackboard as usual. The url is setonhall.blackboard.com or you can access it through my homepage (pirate.shu.edu/~vigorimi.  To enter WebTUTOR you will need an access code that came bundled with the textbook.

      Portfolio Assignment(15%): A portfolio serves primarily 3 functions:

1.      an opportunity to integrate your notes, the text, and other material, therefore providing an effective study method.

2.      an individualized resource to take with you into future courses.

3.      a record or documentation of some of the content that you learned in the course.

ATTENDANCE: Lecture is for 50 minutes, 3 times per week. I will use the class period to present lecture material, discuss text material and to answer your specific questions. Class attendance is expected of all students. Some of the material I present in Lecture is not in the textbook. You are responsible for all material that is covered in lecture and the text.


  • Exams - 75%

  • Portfolio – 15%

  • Quizzes - 10%
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