Notes and Assignments


Notes and Assignments
Course Handouts

Week 1

Introduction: Scientific Explanation & Evolution

Lecture Outline
Domjan: Chapters 1 & 2
Article: Thomas' The Tribe of Tiger: Cats and Their Culture (Provided in class)
PowerPoint File: "Evolutionary Theory Primer"

Week 2: Nonassociative Learning & CC
Domjan: Chapter 3 & Chapter 4 pp. 42-44
Wed July 18, Exam 1


Lecture Outline - Intro to C.C.
PowerPoint File: Event-Event Learning
PowerPoint File: Signtracking


Week 3: Classical & Instrumental Conditioning
Lecture Outline: More on C.C.
Domjan Chapter 4 & 5
PowerPoint File: Rescorla's Correlation Experiment
Lecture Outline: Instrumental Conditioning

Week 4: More on Instrumental & Operant Conditioning

Domjan:   Chapters 6

Exam 2 is Tuesday 7/31


Lecture Outline
Domjan:   Chapters  7
PowerPoint File: Behavior-Consequence Relations

 Week 5: Aversive Control and Memory

Aversive Control lecture outline
Domjan: Chapters 9 & 10
Memory  Lecture Outline
Domjan: Chapter 12 

PowerPoint Files

PowerPoint File: Measures of working memory
PowerPoint File: Spatial memory