Yui Suzuki

Assistant Professor
School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Seton Hall University
McQuaid Hall 101C
400 South Orange Avenue,
South Orange, NJ 07079 USA

CV (pdf)

Primary Fields: International Macro/Finance, Economic Development and Transition
Other Areas of Interest: Macroeconomics, International Trade

"Business Cycle and Corruption," Economics Letters, Volume 111, Issue 2, May 2011, pp138-140 (with Omer Gokcekus)
"Binding Constraint on Economic Growth under Export-Oriented Industrialization and Globalization," Applied Economics, Volume 44, Issue 20, 2012, pp2569-2576
"Intensity of Trade with the EU and Corruption in Africa," Journal of Economic Integration, Volume 28 No. 4, December 2013, pp610-630 (with Omer Gokcekus)
"Financial Integration and Consumption Risk Sharing and Smoothing," International Review of Economics & Finance, Volume 29, January 2014, pp585-598
"Sovereign Risk and Procyclical Fiscal Policy in Emerging Market Economies," The Journal of International Trade & Economic Development (forthcoming/published on-line)
"Is There a Corruption-Effect on Conspicuous Consumption?," Margin: The Journal of Applied Economic Research (forthcoming) (with Omer Gokcekus)

Working Paper (My working papers are available at SSRN)
"Interprovincial Migration and Human Capital Formation in China" (revise and resubmit: Asian Economic Journal) (with Yukari Suzuki) old version
On Sovereign Credit Ratings and Pro-cyclical Fiscal Policy" (under submission)
"Mixing Washington Consensus with Beijing Consensus and Corruption in Africa"(under submission) (with Omer Gokcekus)
"Determinants of Economic Growth in Transition Economies: Do International Trade and Domestic Savings Matter?"


DIPL 6156: Advanced Financial Aspects of International Relations (syllabus)
DIPL 6153: Comparative Political Economy of Development (syllabus)
DIPL 6155: Advanced Economic Aspects of International Relations (syllabus)

DIPL 4556: Financial Aspects of International Relations
DIPL 4555: Economic Aspects of International Relations
DIPL 3201: Sustainable Development

last updated: March 12, 2014