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Anders, Anne and Kurt W Rotthoff Yellow Cards, Do They Matter?



Public Finance 


Coates, D. and Humphreys, B. R. 2003 The effect of professional sports on earnings and employment in the services and retail sectors in US cities.  Regional Science and Urban Economics 33(2), 175-198.

Jasina, John and Rotthoff, Kurt W. 2008 The Impact of Professional Sports Franchises on County Employment and Wages International Journal of Sport Finance Vol. 3, Issue 4

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Why the federal government should stop spending billions on private sports stadiums




(Team Value)

Murphy, Kevin M. and Topel, Robert H. The Economics of NFL Team Ownership

Miller, Phillip A. Facility Age and Ownership in Major American Team Sports Leagues: The Effect on Team Franchise Values International Journal of Sport Finance Aug 2009, Vol. 4, Is. 3

(Player Value)

Massey, Cade and Richard H. Thaler Overconfidence vs. Market Efficiency in the National Football League Working Paper

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(Coaching Value)

Randy R. Grant, John C. Leadley and Zenon X. Zygmont Just Win Baby IJSF 8(1), 2013



Competitive Balance


Paul, Rodney J., Yoav Wachsman, and Andrew P. Weinbach The Role of Uncertainty of Outcome and Scoring in the Determination of Fan Satisfaction in the NFL Journal of Sports Economicsvol. 12 no. 2 213-221

Fort, Rodney, and Quirk, James. 2011 Optimal Competitive Balance in a Season Ticket League Economic Inquiry 49(2) 

Szymanski, Stefan Competitive Balance in Sports Leagues and the Paradox of Power Working Paper


Median Voter

How the NBA ended up giving all the mind-blowing money to the wrong players


Derivatives and the Market


Rotthoff, Kurt W. Bankruptcy Behavior in the NFL: Alternative Evidence of Risk-Shifting Behavior

Jason Berkowitz and Kurt W Rotthoff Real Options Applied to Consumer Goods: A Look at Final Four Ticket Pricing

Sainam, Balasubramanian, and Bayus Consumer Options: Theory and an Empirical Application to a Sports Market

Edmans, Garcia, and Norli Sports Sentiment and Stock Returns

Coffey, McLaughlin, and Tollison Regulators and Redskins





Lazear, Edward P. and Sherwin Rosen Rank-Order Tournaments as Optimum Labor contracts Journal of Political Economy, 89(5):841-864.

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Brown, Jennifer Quitters Never Win: The (Adverse) Incentive Effects of Competing with Superstars Working Paper



Corporate Behavior


Rotthoff, Kurt W. Bankruptcy Behavior in the NFL

The Overtime Debate

Durham, Greg, Tod Perry and Casey Carpenter Interrelationships Among Wage Dispersion, Employee Turnover, and Organizational Performance: A Study of the National Football League presented at the FMA conference



Other Papers


Goff, Tollison, and McCormick. Racial Integration as an Innovation:  Evidence from Sports Leagues American Economic Review, March 2002, 21-27.

Pope, Devin and Pope, Jaren. 2009 The Impact of College Sports Success on the Quantity and Quality of Student Applications Southern Economic Journal 75(3)

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Romer, David. Do Firms Maximize? Evidence from Professional Football. Journal of Political Economy. April 2006

Jasina, John and Rotthoff, Kurt W. A Model of Promotion and Relegation in League Sports




Jock Tax

MRP - Santana

Blind-Siding College Football Stars

N.F.L. vs. M.L.B. as a Labor Market

Cowboys-Packers on Cable

Top $ Sport

Do Sports Franchises Make Money?

Forbes, Business of Baseball Football

Baseball's Revenue

Exchange Rate Effects on Sports


Other Sources:

Sean Lahman's Baseball Archive

NCAA athletics finance database (USA Today)

Equity in Athletics Database

The Blind Side, In College


The Tragedy of the Commons, Bunny style

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