BIOL 1202 lab study assignments and lab guidesheets

For each week's assigned lab work you must print a copy of the appropriate lab guidesheet(s), shown as links below. You must bring the guidesheet to lab; it contains the instructions you need to do the lab work. The lab instructor (TA) will not have copies of the guidesheet to distribute.

For week #3 in lab (Feb. 6-10)

You will spend the period constructing and studying molecular models of the types we have been studying in class.  You should use your class notes and the textbook material about functional groups and organic molecules (Chap. 2, 3) to prepare for the lab session.

This is to be a computer assisted lab session. Bring your laptop and its power cord to your lab session.  You will be provided with a USB Flash drive that contains the files needed to do the work. The guidesheet for this lab has many graphics associated with it. Those graphics files will be on a USB flash drive disk for you to copy onto your laptop when you come to lab. Reading the guidesheet before lab will show you what you will be doing in lab.

From the USB flash drive your TA will provide in lab, you need to copy the entire folder called "Molecular Models" onto your laptop's C: drive. Then within that folder double click the file called "molmodelsNONET071.htm" to begin work.

A special cautionary note: Among the five lab activities that are covered on the first lab exam, this is the one that accounts for the most points lost, primarily because too many people rush through it and do not take it seriously.

Supplementary material:  After this exercise is completed this week, a link to some online material will be posted. That material will enable you to see and manipulate molecular models in other ways.