BIOL 1202 lab study assignments and lab guidesheets

For each week's assigned lab work you must print a copy of the appropriate lab guidesheet(s), shown as links below.  You must bring the guidesheet to lab; it contains the instructions you need to do the lab work.  The lab instructor (TA) will not have copies of the guidesheet to distribute.

Reminder (from the syllabus):  Use of laptops, cell phones, and other electronic devices (except small pocket calculator) is not permitted in lab unless the study assignment says otherwise.

For week #2 in lab (Mon. Jan. 30 - Fri. Feb. 3)

In this exercise you will use the Spectronic 20 colorimeter to determine the concentration of protein in solutions. This work will use some of what you learned in the first lab session about the colorimeter and some of the material about the calculations that are shown in the other guidesheets from the first lab session. You will need to plot some data  and do some dilution calculations; refer to the “Construction of Graphs” guidesheet and the "Introduction to Dilution Problems" guidesheet from the first lab session. The calculations will include a bit of dimensional analysis; refer to the "Dimensional Analysis" guidesheet from the first lab session.

Print a copy of the lab guidesheet, Quantitative Colorimetry and the Biuret Test.  Study this before lab and bring it to lab.  Also print the Experimental Setup Table and bring it to lab.

Bring a pocket calculator.  Print some graph paper for plotting your data..