BIOL 1202 lab study assignments and lab guidesheets


For each week's assigned lab work you must print a copy of the appropriate lab guidesheet(s), shown as links below.  You must bring the guidesheet(s) to lab; it contains the instructions you need to do the lab work.  Note that for some weeks' assigned work, there may be more than one guidesheet to print.



For week #11 in lab (Mon. 4/23 Fri. 4/27)

In this period you will: (1) study representative bacteria, (2) learn some basic microbiological techniques, (3) learn how to properly use the microscope's oil immersion objective

NOTE THAT there are special issues of safety and procedure in this exercise that must be given at the start of the lab period. Everyone must be on time to hear this. Nearly everyone's lab attendance and punctuality have been good this semester. This warning about tardiness is for the few who are chronically late. Anyone who arrives late will not be permitted to do the work; the lab instructor will not make exceptions. 

Study the following before coming to lab.

1. Review your microscopy exercise lab materials (from earlier this semester), about proper/correct use of the compound microscope. Aside from the necessity of using proper technique as taught earlier, studying bacteria requires use of the oil immersion objective. The lab instructor will demonstrate the proper technique for that. You must be there to see that yourself.

2. Study the material on bacteria in text Chap. 26 and in your class notes (and the assigned lecture material posted on-line).

3. Review the guidesheet entitled Introduction to Microbiology and the accompanying 2-page set of figures. Print both and bring them to lab; do not bring a laptop to this lab session

Regarding safety: You must work on an uncluttered bench surface, and you'll be working with an alcohol burner and several stains.Therefore:

1. Do not wear chains (necklace), scarves, baggy sleeves, or anything else that might dangle and get caught accidentally in the burner or knock over stain bottles or dislodge lids from the culture dishes.

2. If you have long hair, you must tie it back or confine it with a cap so that it cannot possibly come into contact with the burner, stains, or the organisms to be studied.

3. Remember (from lab #1, the safety guidelines that you signed) that exposed skin of legs and feet is not permitted in the lab... no sandals, flipflops, skirts, shorts, etc.... basically no exposed skin below the ribcage.  No exceptions.

4. In a laboratory where microorganisms are in use one must always take precautions against contact with the organisms. Therefore, it should go without saying that no consumption of food, drink, gum, candy, medicine, etc. is permitted in the lab.  There must be nothing in the mouth but teeth and tongue during the lab session. Don't even bring "contraband" in a bag; it might escape.

Anyone who does not follow these policies will not be allowed to stay and do the work. This is an issue of safety and of proper practice in a microbiology lab to minimize the chances of contamination and injury. We don't work with pathogenic bacteria, but one must learn to handle all bacteria in the lab as though they were potentially harmful.