examine.wmf (7542 bytes)     Analysis:  Effective & Ineffective TV Communicators



 -> Skim text material on  DELIVERY:  Chapter  15 {14th ed[Ch 14--13th ed]
-> Consciously observe ANY person on television who is speaking directly to the TV audience (e.g.  newscaster, social commentator, political commentator, opening monologues of some talk shows, some commercials)

-> Watch this person communicate for as long as possible  [the longer the  speaking episode, the better] 

-> At this point,  ignore such factors as:
whether you like or dislike the speaker or   whether you consider the speaker to be doing an effective job or an ineffective  job or  whether you agree/disagree with what the speaker is saying----  For now, just observe what he/she does.
-> Write down at least 4 of your observations about this speaker. Your comments/perceptions can pertain to ANY aspect of the speaker's message content and/or vocal delivery and/or physical delivery. 
(Again, refer to  Chapters listed above.) Try to phrase your comments as neutrally as possible.

-> For class, in addition to emailing your 4 comments to me , be prepared for possible discussion of your observations with the rest of the class  (i.e.  which SPECIFIC communication techniques you noticed.)  So, you may want to bring a "hard copy" of your submission to class with you.




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