1 Be sure you & your partner(s) understand the factor/channel/concept you have been assigned. Refer to your text and/or notes. [including Knapp 8e / chaps 4  & the review of the book, CUBED (scroll down to item #5)


2 - Select any 2 locations (physical sites) on campus for conducting your observations & analysis. You can choose to visit the sites together OR you can split up & compare notes later. This comparison of notes can be done face-to-face or virtually.  Below is a list of several strategies for approaching your observations. NOTE:  Not all of these strategies are relevant for all assigned items, but there should be at least 2-3 that you can use.


3 – Maintain your researcher objectivity as you observe the sites & take notes on what you notice.


4- Your oral report on your field study results will occur in class on ____9/19/16____. You will be given a few minutes at the beginning of class on that date to prepare a concise summary statement for your team report.  Be prepared to reference specific principles from Chapter 4. If Professor determines the oral presentation is not substantive, certain teams will also have to submit a written report of their findings. 



> In a few words , describe what your assigned item actually means ( in terms of human communication)


> Rank your perception of  the observed site in relation to your assigned  item:

   To what degree is it ______  [ 1low <-->10high ]


> What are two of the features of your observed location which you believe have the greatest influence in connection with  your assigned item.   Is there any influence on the interpersonal communication behavior taking place in this environment?


> Are there any nonverbal norms that are evident in the way this site “handles” your assigned item?


> In a few words, write down the overall feeling you get from this site [e.g. happy, excited, powerful, relaxed, conservative, risktaking, etc.]


> As  was addressed  in the book “Cubed”, is the work flow within this site  affected by the design choices that have been used?  

> Wild Card: What else did you notice?
















F16 Teams:



  concept: perceptions of ...

Location1 (team selects on 9/14)

Location2 (team selects on 9/14)

Kristen B. Shamah D.   FORMALITY



Aubrey C. Mario V.P.   WARMTH



Jordan D. Bobby K. David H. PRIVACY



Ryan M. Taylor R-M.   FAMILIARITY



Tammy G. Anthony M.   CONSTRAINT



Dale B. Zyaire R.   DISTANCE



Cassie P. Zach G. Blaine S TIME *



Ahniyah R. Tiffany Y. Matthew C. *COLOR & DESIGN    



* (additional resource)



























Coaches' suite
Pirates Cove / Cafe/ Commuter Cafe
Library- various floors
Jubilee Hall  vs Fahy Hall
Presidents Hall
Ring building