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         nonverbal insight diary-f'16    an individual, semester Portfolio assignment



Project summary:                

  rationale:  Think of this as the equivalent of a course term paper. It is the only graded "research/application"  project you are doing this semester totally on your own-- without a partner or a group. However, unlike a typical term paper which is one long statement, this submission is actually a collection of short papers--each representing an analytical observation+reflection  but all are centered on a particular facet of nonverbal communication. For your focus, you can select ANY specific  dynamic of nonverbal communication whether you encountered it in the textbook, class activities, slide shows, videos, documentaries, etc.


  contents an 6-8 item packet: 4-6 insight entries {approx 1 page @}   AND an introductory statement about your rationale {1-2 pp.}  AND  a concluding statement discussing how you will apply this insight to your own personal and/or professional life: now and/or in the future.


    final version due:  see date in online course calendar 

   format:  typed/printed hardcopy, stapled, normal fonts-&-margins   






     1 - Select a "thin Slice" [also see pp. ___tba____ ]* from among the large area of nonverbal channels/theories/ principles [ do not select more than 2 thin slices]. Select  a specific area that interests you--for whatever reason.


      2 -  Educate yourself by reading more deeply in your selected area. Consult your textbook as well as research articles & studies {search in appropriate databases ( e.g. Pyschlit, Sociofile, etc ) 


      3 -  conduct your observations & analyses both formally [ e.g. via an experiment that you create] & informally [ e.g. via people watching in "natural" contexts]


      4 - Complete your observations , consider your insights, apply the research, write up your entries.


      5 - Submit your introductory statement & one preliminary entry-- as part of the midterm exam


     6 - Submit your completed diary  ( all 6 -8 parts) by due date.




 Content details:    


 1 - An introductory entry  (1-2 pages long)  in which you explain your rationales: WHY you chose that particular "thin slice" and WHY you think it warrants your study.


 2 - "Diary" entries:  each one = a discussion of one specific observation including an explanation about how your "thin slice"  item functioned in a real world setting. Most entries will be  2-3 well-organized paragraphs long [i.e. approx. 1 page] .


 3 - A concluding statement (1-2 pages long)  in which you discuss how the insights you have gathered through this project will  likely affect  communication & behaviors-- both now & in the foreseeable future.


4- Both the Midterm & the  final Portfolio submissions should be typed/double-spaced.


 5 - Use the checklist below to see if your insight diary is ready for its final submission


  6 - Recommended: In order to accomplish the final grading, you should attach the "trial run" items that were returned from the Midterm  (showing the Professor's comments)







 Grading details:


1 - Remember,  these are INSIGHTS not merely observational reports. Higher grades will be given to entries that include reference &/or application to previous research in that area.


2- Diaries will be graded "holistically"-  which means with an emphasis on quality  & perceptiveness , not quantity.  





 Samples of "thin slice" topics: [this list for advisement. You are not restricted to these ideas]


> The "Law of the QUEUE" in Western Culture

> Our cars as extensions of our personal proxemics

> The use of color in Restaurant design. A comparative exploration

> The different ways that  different cultures/co-cultures  notice tone-of-voice

>ANY of the topics on the "Nonverbal In The News" page

> Nonverbal cultural markers in Weddings - a comparative exploration

> THe often overlooked NV channels such as smell & ambient sound.












Checklist-- Am I ready to submit my midter sample entry  / final  Insight Diary??? 



   Item / Part

 how many required?


Am I aware of the submission dates for the Midterm version & for the Final Version?[typed/double-spaced]

Midterm= 1 entry mandatory /2 items preferred : a draft of the Introductory Statement {<recommended} AND at least one diary entry {<this item mandatory}  

[to be submitted for review & feedback  {DUE on day of Midterm exam-10/24/16 -  ( usually  sched  week 8)

Final = the entire packet [submitted for grading] {DUE: last day of class - 12/12/16}



 Part I: Introductory Statement



Part II: Insight entries

   4   (6 maximum-for extra credit) {entries should be dated & written over the course of the semester}  


Part III:Concluding Statement



annotated materials from midterm submission

  1 + 1 (showing the comments received from the Professor)