page numbers to be updated for current edition (8th)


An (almost) 360 degree look at KINESICS:





Part 1: Based on your personal interests &/or curiosities concerning how the BODY communicates, select one question from EACH column in this list below. {All are from your text (Knapp, et al., 7/8e. } For both of your selected items,

> write down & bring in at least one specific research citation-- from within the accompanying chapter-- that will be relevant for discussing that question

>(if applicable to a given question,

> also conduct your own observation/ experiment  and/or bring in photos).






Part 2: In class on  _tbd___, you will be grouped with people selecting the same or similar areas-of-interest. The group will have approximately 15 minutes to “answer” the designated question by comparing observations, source citations and chapter assertions. Then each group will select one person to serve as reporter to orally summarize the group’s discussion for the rest of the class.

Part 3:  It is likely that each  person completing this activity will have one discussion question selection that was NOT part of the group work in class. This "leftover" question has now become a to-be-completed-in-advance. Refer to the Test Preview Sheet for details (Test1-Preview) page to be updated


 Select one from column A & one from Column B



1> p.209 #4 {appearance & employment}

9>  p. 326 #1 {facial expression regulators}

2> p.209 #5 {context & attractiveness} [& bring in  relevant photos]               

10> p. 326 #2 {display rules & gender}

3> p.253 #2 {mirroring & rapport}

11> p. 326 #3 {feigning it} [also bring in a relevant photo]

4> p.253 #4 {context-sensitive gestures}

12>  p. 326 #4 {face vs other kinesics}

5> p.285 #1  {touch me not}

13>  p. 359 #1{gaze: long & short}

6>  p.285 #2 {touch as persuasion}

14> p. 359 #3 {gazing @ disabilities}

7> p. 286 #5 {gender touch}

15> p. 359 #5 {Status gaze}  

8> p. 286  #6 { self touch}

16> p. 359 #6 {elevator gaze}