SEARCHING FOR TOPICS ongoing updates to examples



Finding appropriate topics for presentations is a frustrating aspect of any communication class. Get a head start and begin searching now  for topics you can "pitch" to your group/Team members to be used for this semester's presentations


This semester,  your group will need the following: [selected from contemporary/current events]




>> a "HUH?" topic ( For WUWT presentation). for example: I-phone withdrawal / Italy Earthquake Manslaughter {page takes a while to load}




>> an already completed  DECISION to revisit & "second guess" (for DMA presentation).

          for example: Connecticut Chemotherapy / Closing the IZOD center  / Nationwide Insurance's sad Super Bowl commercial




>> an UNSATISFACTORY SITUATION that needs fixing ( for Prob-Sol presentation) for example: Youtube & copyright issues




>> a current development or phenomenon that might be "The NEXT BIG THING"  ( for Final Presentation) for example:  GoogleGlass   /   100% self driving trailer trucks   /   Howard Stern & evolving obscenity laws