Test #3 is MANDATORY for anyone who missed IN CLASS Test #1 ("midterm") or Test #2.

> It is OPTIONAL for everyone else.


> If you elect to complete Test #3, please be aware that:

    - It will be used to replace whichever of your existing Test grades is lower which could serve to raise the overall average test score.

    - It will have no effect on any grading penalties  to be imposed due to excess absence/tardies.

    - Submission deadline is no later than scheduled exam session ( this semester = 5/5/17).  

       Throughout  exam week, you can leave your completed test in my mailbox in FH: 45


    -  Submission must be in hard copy/printed/stapled format.


> This is a TAKE HOME Test.

    - Therefore the grading criteria are based on higher expectations than for an in-class test.


    - This means your answers need to make appropriate, explicit references to items  from the textbook, slide shows & class activities.


    -  Answers which  primarily contain generalizations  without concrete reference to course material will not be read.


    -  There is no grading penalty for receiving a low grade on Test #3;  it just means that  

        your previous two(2) Test grades will stay as is.  

        If possible, by 5/1, most of you will have received back both of your tests, so you can make an informed decision  about whether to pick up a copy of Test 3. 


        However, I do not recommend using your valuable time and energy on Test #3 unless you expect to do an exemplary job.


NB: The “Last Chance Quiz” will serve the same function for your online quiz average. Tentative dates for the Last.Chance quiz are 5/4/17-5/8/17. An announcement will appear if and when the quiz is posted.