[This is an indication to me of how your group is progressing in its planning of your upcoming presentation. Print out & Fill in the information as specifically as you can]. <IF YOU DECIDE TO COPY & PASTE INTO A NEW DOCUMENT, PLEASE  BE AWARE YOU MAY NEED TO ADJUST FONT SIZE ACCORDINGLY and EDIT OUT THE UNNEEDED ANNOTATIONS>  


 GENERAL DISCUSSION PURPOSE - (i.e. decision making; problem solving; info sharing --select one) 

DISCUSSION QUESTION - (this serves the purpose of a "thesis statement" for the group, but it is phrased in the form of a question-not a sentence) 



PROJECTED RESEARCH NEEDS - (i.e. What specific Information/Data do you need to know in order to discuss this topic in a non-superficial way)


AGENDA/OUTLINE - (i.e. the basic points that the group expects to cover & also indicating the order in which it expects to cover them) 

PLANS FOR "RESEARCH" - (i.e. where do you plan to look for the Information /Data mentioned in your Projected Research Plan above. What types of data & what types of sources do the group members expect to use to support their discussion argumentation) (Be as specific as possible. "Internet" "Library" " Infotrac", etc. are not specific research sources)     (And don't overlook the value of PRIMARY sources!)




  updated 1/17