From Interpersonal Communication, 5th ed Beebe, et al. question #2 /p.65 [but it is NOT in 6th ed.]

assignment due _____[see your course calendar for specific date]


"You are going to make a shield of your life. Draw a large outline of a shield that fills up an entire sheet of paper. Divide your shield into four equal sections.

>In the upper right-hand section of your shield, draw or symbolize something at which you have skill or talent.

>In the upper left-hand section draw or symbolize something you are trying to improve or a new skill you are learning.

>In the lower right-hand section draw or symbolize your most prized material possession.

> Finally in the lower left-hand section, write three words that you hope someone would use to describe you.

 In class, you will share your shield with other students. Tell your classmates why you drew what you did. Discuss how your shield reflects your attitudes, beliefs, and values."

Dr. Plummer’s annotation:  If possible, also review your text & any notes you've taken on SELF CONCEPT  in order to distinguish the ways the concepts known as ATTITUDES [in the Human Communication sense of the word, that is.] , BELIEF , & VALUES differ from one another.