In addition to the 5 basic Principles of Interpersonal Communication mentioned in your text   (Beebe, 4/5/6e | Chap1) , your instructor is giving you these additional 5 concepts to keep in mind throughout ALL of the topics to be studied  THROUGHOUT the course. More background for each of these will be discussed in class.



>1<  Some of the most distinguishing characteristics of Interpersonal Communication are:

     - participants act as Senders AND Receivers

     - participants interact in close proximity to each other

     - the  nonverbal  part of the message has great weight on the overall meaning

     - participants' emotions are more likely to be communicated-- not just informative content



>2<  There are some cultural variations, but for the most part (especially in U.S. mainstream culture) Humans are Egocentric as well as Ethnocentric



>3<  There are some cultural variations, but for the most part, Humans  seek Similarity and Balance.



>4<   Communication & Human Interaction  proceeds according to Rules & Norms. Some of them are explicit & some of them are implicit, but they are THERE!




>5<  Communication is Culture & Culture is Communication; therefore, all communicative interaction is culture-sensitive". In other words, every observation that you make about human interaction must take into consideration the cultural CONTEXT.