NOTE: Blackboard is subject to continual updates & software changes; these listed procedures may or may not work as written. However,  Blackboard's accessibility for past quiz information is generally  reached  through "MY GRADES".  You can always try going there & then clicking around & searching for "calculations"

**procedure as of MARCH 2018:

Steps for quiz access:

1.       Go to Dr. Plummer’s Blackboard Page

2.       Click on my grades on the tab of her page

3.       Click on the quiz you would like to review

4.       Click on the number of the score/grade you received

5.       Review Quiz



> Past procedure (circa 2016)

First sign into Blackboard.

Step 2 = Go to  "My Grades".

Step 3 = Go to your desired course.
Step 4 = Click on the listed Quiz you was to access
Step 5  = In the Assessment section click on the score you received; it should display as a hyperlink
Step 6 = That should take you to Calculations & show you your full answers


older procedure:
( circa 2007)

  Step 1

First sign into Blackboard.

Step 2

On the left hand side of blackboard you will see a box titled Tools. Click onto "My Grades".

Step 3

Select Course.

Step 4

Click onto the grade received in calculated grade column.( the grade is underlined)

Step 5

Click on the grade again in Calculated Grade column