Music and Guitars

Welcome to my Music Web site!

This page is dedicated to my musical interests.  I have been playing guitar since I was 11, and I have played flute, bass guitar and clarinet at one time or another.

My principle performing interests today are the blues, rock and fusion.  I've had the privilege of working with a number of musicians in a loose band configuration call the Catfish.   Jim Hanson has been a long time collaborator, playing excellent blue harp in the Sonny Boy Williams style and singing.  Fred Smith, most recently the bass player in John E. K. and Memphis Storm, was a long time member of the 'Fish, and has left them to concentration on his growing family.  David Carlson was our first drummer, and has returned to the fold.  Dave and I are maintaining a loose collaboration on digital music projects.  Mike Hicks (Hicks Boy), the former drummer for the New York Citizens, played with us for a while, and still sits in from time to time.

One of my main interests now is working with the Resonance Concerts Series, part of the outreach program of The United Methodist Church in Madison, NJ. Originally titled the Candlelight Concerts, these musical presentations have been made possible by the hardworking Leon Livshin, our musical director.

I am also an avid collector of musical gear.  I was lucky to pick up a number of guitars, amplifiers and pedals over the years that are unique, or just sound great.  I've found that great music can be made and recorded with all sorts of gear, and that's part of the fun.  When blues and rock first got started, there were no rules, so musicians used what they had.  The wide acceptance of certain types of gear have led to a certain homogenization of sound.  I've found that this "sound" is actually not so unique, and musicians should open themselves up to the possibilities of trying new things.