Hamer Special

After playing a Hamer Special FM for many years, I was able to find a Hamer Special in very good shape for a pretty low price.  It needed some restoration work, but it is an early model with a smaller neck profile.  The Special FM has a much fatter neck, so they are nicely different in feel.  The original P-90 pickups just didn't work for me.  They sounded good, but hummed like mad.  I decided to replace them with the closest thing to PAF.  I didn't want to route the body out, and Dimarzio had a number of possible drop in replacements .  Oddly enough, my guitar tech, on consultation with Dimarzio, chose the Virtual Vintage P-90.  They worked out great, and this is a wonderful blues guitar.  Dimarzio has apparently broadened its line to include some really nice vintage sounding pickups.