Princeton64.gif (120468 bytes)The Fender Princeton 1964

Manufactured exactly 12 months after my 1963 Princeton, this little beast is the the classic AA964 model Blackface Princeton.  The tube chart code is "NL" indicating a December 1964 manufacture date.  Sporting two 7025 preamp tubes, two 6V6 power tubes and a GZ34 tube rectifier, this amp generates 12 watts.  This circuit yields more slice than the earlier 6G2, yielding the well-known '60s Fender combo sound that makes these amps so desirable.  I purchased this in 1996 from the Guitar Emporium, who was selling off a particularly nice collection of 1960 era Fenders that had been kept in immaculate condition.  My particular amp had a unknown 10" Alnico speaker, which may be original equipment but was painted over black so no speaker codes are visible.   In 2006, I had the speaker replaced with an Eminence Copperhead, which really improved the sound in all respects.  It gives the amp a bit of a blackface Super sound, increasing the bass response quite a bit.  Highly recommended.  I also run EL-84 power tubes using THD Yellowjackets from time to time.  They rebias the amp to class A, and you get a bit of the Vox/Marshall chime.  Usually I switch back to the 6V6s, but it is fun to play around.  The interesting thing about this amp is that it has an oversized, almost Deluxe-sized cabinet, which could easily accomodate a 12" speaker.  My bass player friend has a later Princeton Reverb, and you can really see the difference in size.  I am tempted to get a new speaker baffle and try a 12" in it, but for now the Copperhead does the job.