Twentieth Century Russia
Outline #17
Professor Knight
The Fall of Khrushchev
I. Agriculture failures

	Virgin Lands Campaign
		By 1963 a Soviet dust-bowl.  Million of acres destroyed.
	Elimination of Machine-Tractor Stations
		Collective Farms forced to buy machinery
	"Meat Production Campaign" 
		Goal--Surpass USA in Meat and Butter production by 1960.
		A. N. Larionov--Fiasco in Riazan
	Corn Campaign
		1959--Khrushchev visits Iowa.
		Influence of Lysensko

II. Foreign Policy

	Break with China (1959-1961)
	Relations with the West
		"Peaceful Coexistence"
	Meetings with Western Leaders
		"Kitchen Debates" with Nixon (1959)
		Visit to the USA (1959)
	U2 affair, 1960
	Berlin Crisis, 1961
	Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962

III. Exit Khrushchev

	Loss of Popular Support
		1962--food prices increase
			Novocherkassk riots, October 1962
		1963--Food disaster.  Rationing, shortages.
			USSR imports grain from Canada
	Cultural Policy--The Intelligentsia
		A. Solzhenitsyn. "One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich" (1962)
			High water mark of Khrushchev liberalism
		1963--Cultural backlash.
	Administrative Policy
		1960--Ministry of Agriculture moved to the Provinces
		1962--22nd Party Congress, Return to Destalinization
		1962--Party split into Industry and Agricultural Sectors
		Khrushchev's "term limits"
	October 12, 1964--Khrushchev removed from office by CP Central Committee.