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The World of Anna Karenina
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Online resources

Portal sites:
These site are designed to provide an overview of materials available on the web in the area of Russian history and culture.  They provide a filtered selection of sources and save you the trouble of wading through the vast number of pages that an open ended search would produce.  For any internet research they are an essential first step.  But be aware of the following drawbacks: 1) Selection.  The best portal sites will make an effort to be reasonably selective in their choice of materials, but others seem to including everything remotely relevant to the topic at hand.  Just because you reach a web site through a reputable portal doesn't mean the site itself is reliable or comprehensive.  2) Coverage.  There are no standard procedures for identifying or cataloging materials on the web.  Different portals will often present very different selections of materials.  Just because you have been to one portal doesn't mean you conducted a thorough search.   3) Maintenance.  Generally most portals present a reasonably good selection of materials available at the time when they were created.  But few of the portal web masters do a conscientious job maintaining their sites on a daily basis.   Sites are updated with new materials and purged of rotten links all too infrequently.   Just because you have searched the portal sites doesn't mean you have to most up to date information.

Benjamin Sher's Index
      A very large collection of links, but the quality is can be fairly uneven.
A discussion group of Russian historians. Contains archive of book reviews and discussions. REENIC
University of Texas at Austin portal.  Rather limited selection of sites.
Hokkaido University Internet Resources for Russian Studies
     The best general portal site.  Comprehensive and well-maintained.
A large and somewhat random selection.  Needs update.
Friends and Partners
Good general information on Russia.   
Funet Russian Archive
A Finnish site. Noted for its collection of Soviet propaganda posters.  
Bucknell University Russian Studies
A large and useful collection.  Excessive gimmicks make for cumbersome navigation.

Sites on Tolstoy and Anna Karenina

Sparknotes: Anna Karenina
Use with caution!  For general background information--but watch for factual errors.

Paul Birukoff, Leo Tolstoy: Childhood and Early Manhood
A biographical account of Tolstoy's early years

Анна Каренина
       The complete Russian text on-line.

Anna Karenina.  Translated by Constance Garnett
A complete on-line text in English

Masterpiece Theatre: Anna Karenina
       The companion web site for the PBS presentation

Yasnaya Poliana
An on-line photogallery of Tolstoy's estate

Tolstoy Studies Journal
Literary criticism and links to additional on-line resources

The Last Days of Leo Tolstoy by V. G. Chertkov.
An on-line edition of Chertkov's account of Tolstoy's death with additional biographical resources.