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Collection Development Guidelines


Who can request materials for purchase? 

Seton Hall University community including faculty, students, administrators and staff can suggest a title for purchase.


How to submit a request for purchase of materials?


You can submit your request by filling out electronic requisitions form accessible from Library’s homepage. You can also send request directly to Liaison Librarian assigned for your curricular area. Marked publisher’s catalogs, typed lists are accepted as well. Make sure that your request contains the following information:

1)     Your name

2)     Your department

3)     Complete title of the material requested

4)     Author or editor

5)     Publisher

6)     ISBN (if possible)

7)     Date of publishing

8)     Price (if possible)


Does Library purchase textbooks?

The Library has a long standing policy about not purchasing textbooks. Textbooks change frequently and would need to be updated and weeded every two to three years. Keeping these current would add unnecessary financial burden on the library.


Does Library purchase supplementary materials?


We do not collect supplementary materials such as workbooks, instructor’s manuals etc., because our primary focus is to support the research and teaching needs of the University community.


Does Library buys DVD/Videos?


Library would buy a video or DVD only if it is needed for the classroom teaching.

Does library buy Out-of-Print materials?


Library would try to obtain a copy of out-of-print materials only if it is absolutely necessary and needed for classroom teaching.