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Ordering Materials for Purchase


Who can order?


All members of Seton Hall University Community can suggest and place a request for an item for purchase. University Library makes final decision for purchase of a particular title after reviewing it according to Library's Collection Development Guidelines.


Placing Book Orders:


Orders may be submitted in many ways, using the electronic order form accessible from the Library’s homepage is preferred. Other acceptable formats are: sending requests to the liaison librarian via e-mail; submitting clearly marked commercial catalogs, photocopies of catalogs or other bibliographic sources to the Acquisitions Department; writing letters or memos to staff. The submitted request will not be returned to you, so please keep a copy for your own records. Once request is processed its status can be tracked in Setoncat. 

Whatever means of submission you choose, the following information should be clearly included.


           Your name and department (required)

            Please provide the following information:

   Other important information may include: order number and name of the catalog or priority, hold for requestor, reserve for a class, or other special instructions


Before requesting a title, please carefully check “SetonCat” the Library’s on-line catalog to see if library already holds a title or if it is “On order/In Process”.


Note: Although we endeavor to obtain items as quickly as possible, the process can take from one week to several months. If you need the item quickly put on the request “RUSH PLEASE”, or consider to contact Interlibrary Loan Department for borrowing. The library may decide not to acquire the requested item if it falls outside the scope of the collections. In such cases the appropriate librarian/staff will contact you.


1.      Faculty Library requisitions must be submitted through the liaison librarians before they can be processed. All orders received electronically through web-form or via email are rerouted to the appropriate liaison librarian for approval. Every effort will be made to process all received orders promptly.


2.     A reasonable effort should be made by the requester to verify information for prompt processing. There may be delays in ordering if an order request lacks the bibliographic data.


3.        If a title ordered by the requester is already on order or held by the library, requester would be notified as soon as possible with the explanation.


Any material priced over $200.00 will require approval from the library dean.


Format: VHS/Video, DVD and CD-ROM will be purchased only if they are necessary for classroom teaching. 


Out of print titles: Library will purchase out-of-print titles only if they are absolutely needed for research and teaching needs of the faculty. Such titles will be purchased only through our own booksellers and vendors.


Order/Invoice Payment policy


The library will not pay for items ordered or purchased by a department or individual. Acquisitions procedures must be followed in order to encumber funds and process invoices for payment. The Library strongly discourages reimbursement of personal invoices.