All degree seeking and undeclared undergraduate students must participate in New Student Online Orientation before they register for their first trimester of courses.


Students may complete New Student Online Orientation in two ways:


  1. At the University, you will receive a tour of the facilities and guidance for completing online orientation in a computer lab.


  1. On any internet accessible computer, the Online Orientation will be available 24 hours a day/7 days a week.


Go to and click on GSU ONLINE at the bottom of the page.  Then, click on Online Orientation  (the blue sidebar at the left side of the page) which will take you to the homepage of the orientation.


Your logon to enter the system is your CARS Identification Number

            Your password is your pin number.



Online Orientation takes about two hours. You may log out after completing a section. If you log out of the session before you have completed it, you will have to redo that section. You must complete the entire New Student Online Orientation before you may register for courses.


If you have a problem with New Student Online Orientation, call (708) 235-2119.


If you would like a tour of the GSU campus, or if you wish to complete New Student Online Orientation with the assistance of a staff member, please call (708) 235-3968 and leave your name and phone number. You will be contacted within twenty-four hours.



New Student Online Orientation consists of two main parts: an Introduction to the University and Directed Self-Placement for math and writing.


The Introduction will provide information about services, policies, colleges, and key departments at Governors State.


Directed Self-Placement is an innovative program that assists students in assessing their level of ability in math and writing.  Students then self-select supplemental review or coursework based on this assessment.


If you have any questions regarding Directed Self-Placement, please call or stop by the Office of Student Development at (708) 534-4508, Room B1215. For math questions, ask for Pam Zener, and for writing questions, ask for Becky Nugent.