May 1, 2006



Dear Student:


On behalf of the Writing Program at Daniel Webster College, welcome to the college!  Freshman year at college is an incredibly exciting time of freedom and responsibility, and I want to discuss one important freedom with you right now.


As you know, almost every college has a first-year writing requirement, and students are placed into different courses based on their ability.  At some colleges, SAT Verbal scores or a timed essay exam determines which course a student takes in their first semester.  At Daniel Webster College, however, we believe that you should make this important choice.  After all, you are the one who best knows your writing ability.  You will need to make this decision by July 1, 2006.


Every student needs to complete EN 101: College Writing with a C or higher, but some students feel that they are not quite ready to dive right into college-level academic writing.  For those students, we have a Pass / Fail course called EN 100: Developmental Writing.  Students who take EN 100 in the fall then take EN 101 in the spring.  Basically, you need to decide whether you want to take EN 100 or EN 101 as your first course. 


Before making your decision, you need to visit the New Student Orientation website at  Once there, click on the “Writing Placement” button to the left side of the screen and follow these steps:


1.      Take the Grammar Diagnostic.

2.      Listen to the Macromedia Breeze presentation on Writing Placement.

3.      Examine the sample A and B student papers.

4.      Lastly, follow the steps for registering for your writing course.


If you are still unsure about which writing course suits you, you can post your question on the “Writing Program Self-Placement” forum on the Discussion Board section of the website.  You can also request a consultation with me during New Student Orientation.


Once again, congratulations on your acceptance to Daniel Webster College!  I look forward to working with you.





Alexandria Peary

Writing Program Director

Associate Professor of Humanities

(603) 577-6412