This is what you write after you've completed the draft of a formal essay. It may include several things: (1) the story of how you wrote this draft, (2) what you feel you have accomplished so far, (3) where you feel you have a problem, (4) how you might solve the problem, (5) what else you want to think about in the essay.


 #1           In this essay I feel that I was able to organize my idea in a manner that showed how there are two sides to the idea behind technology and medicine. I liked how in this essay I was able to make paragraphs that were about one topic and did not switch mid way through as I have done in the past. The difficulty I felt that I had was in relating to the human society because I am a part of it. At times I said “our” and at other time I took myself out of the picture. I am unsure of how I should represent human society--having me in or out of it. Also I think that I need to find more information of the idea of a “post-human future” in order to shore up that argument.

#2            WOW was this hard! I felt as though the planning was a help, because it allowed me to get a sneak peak on actually writing the paper and finding out what will and will not work. I feel as though I did I good job in reasoning, and using the text, however I think I might need more empirical evidence….It just seems as though every first draft needs more empirical evidence. I can tell as I am writing that I am getting better at college writing. I know I have a problem narrowing my argument, therefore, I hope I did a good job at that. I am slightly afraid that my argument might be too subtly. I never just flat out state my position.