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  Directed Self Placement Guidelines

How to Choose Your First-Year Writing Course in the English Department

It used to be that you would take a set of three placement tests over a two-hour period, and the English Department would determine the best course for you to take.  You would have no choice in the decision.  Many colleges around the country are using a new system, called "directed self-placement," which makes students part of the placement process. 

The choice we are offering you is an important one.  Your first English course at Seton Hall will help prepare you for every course in which you have to write.  Succeeding in this course will be important to your success in college.  Choosing a course that is appropriate for your abilities and academic background will be crucial to this success.

What follows is a series of exercises and questions that will help you evaluate yourself as a reader and writer and help you decide which first-year writing course is best for you.  Set aside an hour to complete the survey.  Steps 1 and 2 will help you evaluate your reading and writing background.  (You will be asked to read a brief passage and write a short essay at one point.)  Steps 3 and 4 will describe the choices you can make and will help you match your background with the best course for you.  In step 5, you will choose your course.

Please realize that if you don't do all the steps carefully you may place yourself in the wrong course or you may be asked to take parts of the survey over again, making it harder to get the schedule you want.  So do it right the first time!

To begin the process of placing yourself in English, click here.  You can enter any password you like!

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