What happens when you write to communicate an idea and have to think about following the rules at the same time?


Use the following four rules:

1. Do not en wors in consonan clusters (nt, nd, rd, st, etc). But it be ok to ad s to a wor enin in a single consonan (i.e. cats, consonans, wors, etc.) 
2. Substitute d or t for initial, medial, or terminal th (the=de; with=wit; either=eider). 
3. Tir person singular be uninflected (not he runs but he run). 
4. Use be instead of de incorrec foms (is, am, are) in de presen progressive an in place of linkin vers (not he is going but he be going; not she is nice but she be nice.)

Dril: Underline an correc de misspelled wors below:

1. I saw four elephants.
2. De last soldier went into de fort.
3. I like cats; dey make better friends dan birds.

Dril: Correc de grammatical errors in de sentences below:

1. We are havin a party.
2. You can see that his daughter likes to dance.
3. McDonal's is lookin for counter hep.
4. Jim is a drip.
5. I go to college but my brother goes to high school.

Review rules above. Correc all de errors in de sentences below.

1. The students are looking for new words.
2. No recent book appeals to that child.
3. An elephant stomps the earth when he is wanting something to eat.
4. We are the Fellows of the West Texas Writing Project

Write a one-paragraph essay about a hobby or interest of yours.  As you do so, make sure you follow the rules above.  Take five minutes to complete this task.

(Exercise courtesy of David Schwalm on the wpa listserv)