First step: Re-write, conveying all of the information in 3 sentences and around 86 words.  (The author, a social anthropologist, compares the social behavior of man with that of other animals.]

Man is lonely. Animals are lonely. The loneliness of both is the same. We must have each other. The baboon seeks his troop. The bookkeeper seeks his office. His office is busy. The buffalo seeks his herd. The herd lives on some savanna. The savanna is far away. The bricklayer is weary. He seeks his fellows. His fellows meet at the pub. The pub is on the corner. The starling seeks his flock. The flock chatters. It lives among the streets of London. The hyena seeks his clan. The farmer is done with his last chores. He seeks his wife.  The herring seeks his school. The school lives in the North Sea. The North Sea is cold. All these animals seek each other. They do it for quite the same reason. We cannot survive without each other.

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