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Dr. Ed Jones
Office: Room 356, Fahy Hall, 3rd Floor.   Telephone: 973-761-9000 ext. 5099 (o), 973-678-3012 (h) 
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English 3515 meets in Kozlowski 


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December  (Fri.-Thurs.)

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brothers, sisters in law, mom, and niece

Educated over a period of far too many years at, surprisingly, only three institutions, I've come to think of myself as a teacher and a student of teaching.
That is, I find the whole process of learning--of how we learn--to be endlessly
fascinating.  But I'm most interested in how we learn how to write, how we come 
to love it, or hate it, or be indifferent to it.  I must admit I love to read, and, as for 
writing, I'm primarily a poet right now.  A rough chronology of my adult life leads 
from the late 70's and early 80's when I taught high school English, through a 
period of transition when I tried cabinet-making, peace-making, and book-making in the mid to late 80's, to the Ph.D. years, which, thankfully, were over in 1997.

Outside interests include biking, contra dancing, acappella singing, spending time
with my nieces and nephews, Quaker meeting, community organizing, and friendships.  Past interests include table tennis, jogging, monasticism, Spanish, French horn.