The "Kitten Carousel" Experiment (Held & Hein, 1963)

The objective of this study was to investigate the role of experience in perceptual-motor development.  Kittens were kept in the dark for a period of eight weeks from birth except for an hour per day when they were kept in a 'Kitten Carousel'. The kittens were given appropriate names. 'Passive Kitten' and Active Kitten' were their names. The Active Kitten was given the ability to move freely at it's own discretion when in the kitten carousel.  As he propelled himself though space, visual experience tied to his motions occurred.  The Passive Kitten received an equal amount of visual experience but these experiences were not related to movements the Passive kitten made.  Both Kittens were later released into the light. The Passive Kitten showed no evidence of perceiving depth. The Active Kitten was indistinguishable from normally raised kittens.