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Benjamin Goldfrank is an      

Associate Professor at the   

Whitehead School of Diplomacy
Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Avenue
South Orange, NJ 07079

Contact: goldfrbe@shu.edu

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Deepening Local Democracy in Latin America:
Participation, Decentralization, and the Left

Pennsylvania State University Press, University Park, 2011


La izquierda en la ciudad:                                                     Participación en Gobiernos Locales de América Latina                 Daniel Chavez y Benjamin Goldfrank (eds.)                                          Icaria editorial and Transnational Institute, Barcelona, 2004 http://www.icariaeditorial.com/libros.phpk=2&o=0&id=648&pg=19

The Left in the City:                                                             Participatory Local Governments in Latin America                       Daniel Chavez & Benjamin Goldfrank, eds.                                          Latin American Bureau and Transnational Institute, London, 2004  http://www.latinamericabureau.org/?lid=2913

La sinistra e le città:                                                          Partecipazione nei governi locali dell'America Latina        

Daniel Chavez, Benjamin Goldfrank e Giovanni Allegretti (eds.)      Caminito editrice and Transnational Institute, Firenze, 2005   http://www.caminitoeditrice.com/scheda_libro.php?libri_ID=6


Book Chapters:

"Neoliberalism and the Left:  National Challenges, Local Responses, and Global Alternatives," in Beyond Neoliberalism in Latin America? Societies and Politics at the Crossroads, edited by John Burdick, Phillip Oxhorn, and Kenneth Roberts.  New York:  Palgrave Macmillan, 2009.          http://www.palgraveconnect.com

"Lessons from Latin American Experience in Participatory Budgeting," in Participatory Budgeting, edited by Anwar Shah.  Washington, DC: World Bank Institute, Public Sector Governance and Accountability Series, 2007.    PDF




 "Los Consejos Comunales:                                                                                       ¿Avance o retroceso para la democracia venezolana?"                                     Íconos: Revista de Ciencias Sociales, FLACSO Ecuador, N. 40 (May 2011)          Full Text

"Municipal Neoliberalism and Municipal Socialism:

Urban Political Economy in Latin America,"

co-authored with Andrew Schrank,

International Journal of Urban and Regional Research (June 2009)



"From the Petista Way of Governing to the Brazilian Way:  How the PT Changed," co-authored with Brian Wampler, Revista Debates, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2:2 (Jul-Dec 2008).



"The Politics of Deepening Local Democracy: 

Decentralization, Party Institutionalization, and Participation,"

Comparative Politics (January 2007)



"¿De la ciudad a la nación? La democracia participativa

y la izquierda latinoamericana," Nueva Sociedad (Nov-Dec 2007)


Deutsch version       Versão português en Política Externa


"Los procesos de 'presupuesto participativo'

en América Latina: Éxito, fracaso y cambio,"

Revista de Ciencia Política, Chile (December 2006)



"Competitive Institution Building:

The PT and Participatory Budgeting in Rio Grande do Sul,"

co-authored with Aaron Schneider,

Latin American Politics and Society (Fall 2006)


Versão português   Versión castellano


"The Fragile Flower of Local Democracy: 

A Case Study of Decentralization/Participation

in Montevideo," Politics & Society (March 2002)





     Participatory budgeting links:




     http://www.democraciaparticipativa.org/    (Portuguese)

     http://www.ongcidade.org   (Portuguese)


     http://www.presupuestosparticipativos.net (Spanish)


     http://www.cigu.org (Spanish)