Uwa MOE n'Intaneti

Welcome to MOEs World on the Internet!  And you were wondering what that expression meant :) Search no more. Its my website; or, rather, my corner on the information superhighway thanks to this Catholic center of educational excellence in the state of New Jersey, USA: Seton Hall University. 



I will tell you more about me when you tell me a little bit about yourself.
Meanwhile, chew on the piece below 

The Bini ivory mask -- the unmistakable symbol of 1977 worldwide Black Festival of Arts and Culture, FESTAC 77 -- is very symbolic of what I believe Africans should do about the "modern magic": take it without being dominated by supposedly skewed aspects of Eurocentricism. Ironically the priceless mask, looted during the 1897 British invasion of the Bini Kingdom, resides in a London, UK, museum. 

Makes you want to say "hmmmm"?