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CLAS-2322; HIST-2170; WMST-2322; ARCH-2322                                  Fall, 2004


Tues. & Thurs. 10:00-11:15    Fahy: 303

Professor: Fred Booth.  973-275-5822   boothfre@shu.edu

Office Hour: 234 Fahy  Thurs 8:45 to 9:45 a.m.  and by appointment.


Required Texts[1]:

Fantham et al., Women in the Classical World, Oxford

Bernard Knox, The Norton Book of Classical Literature, W.W. Norton

Grene and Lattimore, Euripides 1, University of Chicago

Aristophanes, Lysistrata, Tr. Parker, New American Library


Helpful Website:

Diotima: Materials for the Study of Women and Gender in the Ancient World        http://www.stoa.org/diotima/


Welcome to Women in Antiquity!


            The course will examine the lives of women in ancient Greece and Rome, from which the modern Western world has inherited many of its traditions and institutions.  Many modern attitudes and ideas about the relationship of the sexes and their roles in society owe a lot, for better or worse, to our Greco-Roman heritage.  We will consider the political, legal, social and religious status of women over a period of a thousand years, beginning with Homeric Greece and to the time of the Roman Empire which held sway in Europe, North Africa and Asia.


Our main text is Women in the Classical World, by Fantham and others, which will be supplemented with readings from other texts, as well as handouts distributed in class, and Internet materials for you to download.  You should finish the assigned reading before each class and bring your books and other materials with you, since we will go over the most important sections of the readings in class.  Please remember to print out the readings posted on Blackboard or on web sites, and bring them to class, as well.   Please read the syllabus carefully so that you bring the right book or printouts with you. 


Grades will be based on attendance and participation, two tests, and a final examination. The tests will consist of essays and objective questions on the readings, lectures, and films shown in class.  I will post study guides on Blackboard before each review session.  The class will be conducted according to the guidelines for academic integrity as they are outlined in the Seton Hall catalogue.


I hope you have an interesting and enjoyable semester learning about the lives and roles of women in Greece and Rome.



Class   Date                                        Topic


I.                                  Homer and the Archaic Period


1 Th.    9/9                   Introduction

                                    On Blackboard:  Time line of Greek and Roman History

On Blackboard    Names of the gods/Hesiodic succession myth


2. T.     9/14                 Fantham

Ch. 1  Women in Archaic Greece: Talk in Praise and Blame

                                    Sources                                                                                    10-12

                                    Transition to Marriage                                                 22-33

                                    Wives                                                                                      33-39

                                    Mourners                                                                                 44-53


                                    Homer: The Iliad:

                                    Hector and Andromache        pp. 63-68

                                    Online  Homeric Hymn to Demeter


Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite




3. Th.   9/16                 The Odyssey  Archetypes of the Feminine



                                    Homer: The Odyssey

Calypso                                                                                   112-117

                                    Nausicaa                                                                                  117-127

Circe                                                                                        143-152

Clytemnestra                                                                           159-161

                                    Sirens, Scylla Charybdis                                                         163-167

Athena                                                                                                167-177

Penelope                                                                                  177-186


4.  T.    9/21                 Fantham

Archaic Misogyny and the Creation of Woman                     39-44


                                    Hesiod: Works and Days, Pandora                                        187-191



Hesiod: Theogony                   lines 116-210: 453-616


                                    Genesis 1-4  or your own Bible


Semonides, “An Essay on Women”


5. Th.   9/23                 Sappho:  The Female Voice



                                    Maidens                                                                                  12-22


                                    Sappho                                                                                    223-231

                                    Alcman  (2)                                                                             212-216


6. T.     9/28                 Fantham

Ch.  2   Spartan Women                                                          56-67


7. Th.  9/30                 Review


II                                 Women in Classical Athens: Heroines and Housewives


8.  T.   10/5                 Test 1


9. Th.   10/7                 No Class


10. T.   10/12               Fantham

                                    Ch. 3   Women in Classical Athens:

                                    The Tragic Wife                                                                      68-74

                                    Women in Relation to the Polis                                              74-83


The Oresteia                                                                            305-335

Handout: Chorus on Women


11. Th. 10/14              Fantham

                                    Civic Religion                                                                         83—97


                                    Antigone                                                                                  359-400


12. T.   10/19               Fantham

                                    Weddings                                                                                98-115

                                    Grene and Lattimore

                                    Euripdes,  Medea


13. Th. 10/21              Fantham

                                    Hetairai                                                                                   115-127

Grene and Lattimore

                                    Euripdes, Alcestis




14. T. 10/26                 Fantham

Ch 4. Amazons                                                                       128-135

                                    Aristophanes Lysistrata


III.                               The Hellenistic World




15. Th. 10/28              Fantham

Ch. 5 The Hellenistic Period

Women in a Cosmopolitan World                                          136-169


Menander:  Shopping for a Wife; Daughter to Mother           520-521

                                    Erinna                                                                                      572-573


16. T.   11/2                 Fantham

                                    The Female Body                                                                    169-182


Apollonius                                                                               534-547

                                    Theocritus                                                                               553-559


17. Th. 11/4                 Fantham

                                    Ch. 6  Medicine: The “Proof” of Anatomy                            183-203

                                    Ch. 8  Etruscan Women                                                          243-259


18. T.   11/9                 Review


19. Th.            11/11              Test 2


IV.                               The World of Rome


20. T..  11/16               Fantham

                                    Intro. Women in the Roman World                                        211-215

                                    Ch. 7  Republic Roman I                                                        216-242


                                    Livy                                                                                         707-711


21. Th. 11/18               Fantham

                                    Ch. 10  The New Woman                                           `           280-293


                                    Catullus                                                                                   604-614

                                   Poems # 5, 7, 8, 43, 45, 76, 11, 6, 58, 70, 83, 85 86, 107


                                    Poems # 34, 37, 51, 60, 61, 62, 72, 75, 76, 79, 87     


22. T.   11/23               Fantham

                                    Ch. 9  Republican Rome II                             260-279; 289-292; 302-306

                                    Guest Lecture on Women in Roman Law


23 T.    11/30               Fantham

                                    Ch. 11  The Age of Augustus and the Julio Claudians          294-329


                                    Virgil Aeneid Book IV  Dido and Aeneas                              651-676


24.. Th. 12/2                Ovid: The Poet of Love


                                    Ovid    Amores and The Art of Love                                       727-754

Ovid    Metamorphoses

Apollo and Daphne                                                     763=766

            Pyramus and Thisbe                                                    766-769

            Tereus, Procne, and Philomela                                    769-777

                                                Tristia                                                                          779-782


25. T.   12/7                Fantham:Ch. 12  The Women of Pompeii                              330-344



26. Th. 12/9                Review


[1]           Since the course is listed under Classics, Archaeology, History, and Women’s Studies, you may have to look around the Bookstore to see where the books have been placed.


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