Introduction to Biology BIOL1101AA Fall, 1998



Dr. Carolyn Bentivegna

Telephone: 275-2113  McNulty Hall Room #208

Office hours: Tues., Wed., 9:00-11:00 A.M., Appointments arranged

Lecture: MW 4-5:15 PM SC AMPH

Text book: Starr, C. BIOLOGY:Concepts and Applications, Wadsworth Publishing Co., 1994

Date  Required Reading Subject
8/31 chp 1 introduction
9/2 chp 38 biosphere
9/9 chp 38 biomes
9/14 chp 22, 23 37 plant structure/function
9/16 chp 24 plant reproduction 
9/21 chp  37 ecosystems
9/23 - Exam I
9/28 chp 2 cellular chemistry
9/30 chp 3 cell structure and function
10/5 chp 4,5,6 basic cellular metabolism
10/7 chp 7,8 cell division
10/12 Columbus Day no class
10/14 chp 9 patterns of inheritance   **1st paper due
10/19 chp 11,12, 13 DNA structure and function/genetic engineering
10/21 - Exam II
10/26 chp 25 animal tissues
10/28 chp 26 protection/support/movement
11/2 chp 27 circulation 
11/4 chp 28 immune system
11/9 chp 29 respiration
11/11 chp 31 urinary system
11/16 - Exam III
11/18 - no class
11/23 chp 30 digestion
11/25 Thanksgiving no class
11/30 chp 30 nutrition
12/2 chp 32 nervous system 
 12/7 chp 33  endocrine system    **2nd paper due
12/9 chp 34 reproductive system 
12/14 chp 34 reproductive system
12/** Finals Exam IV


Your grade will be based on three of four exams, two written assignments, and attendance.

-Exams dates are tentative. Exams will be given the second half of lecture and are not cumulative. There will be no make-up exams. Your final grade will be based on your three highest exam grades and written assignments, you may not drop the fourth exam.

-Written assignments will consist of reporting on scientific articles. The articles may be from any source, for example, the internet, NY Times Science Section (Tuesday), Star Ledger, Discovery Magazine, Scientific America, etc. Your report should include a brief summary of the article, 2 points which correlate with the lecture material that has been presented, and 2 questions you have about the article that are scientifically relevant. The purpose of this assignment is to correlate current scientific literature with class work. Your correlations should expand on the information in the article in such a way as to demonstrate your knowledge of lecture material.  Papers will be no more than two typed pages (12 pt. font), be precise. They must be handed in on their due date or sooner. Papers will be dropped one grade for every day they are late.

-Attendance is essential. It will be taken each class. If you attend all but one class, an additional 2.5% will be added to your final grade.

-If you are caught cheating on an exam or plagiarizing, you will be given zero credit for that assignment.

This course will be graded on a scale of 400 points, 100 points for each exam (3 of 4) and 50 points for each written assignment. The grade breakdown for this course will be:

Final Points Percentage Grade
400-360 100-90 A
359-340 89-85 B+
339-320 84-80 B
319-300 79-75 C+
299-272 74-68 C
271-240 67-60 D+
239-220 59-55 D
>219 <55 F

I am happy to help you with this course. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need to.