INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Stephen Bentivegna To be announced

LECTURES: W 6-8:30 A.M., NU 105 (Nursing Building)
TEXTBOOK: Principles of Ecotoxicology
C.H. Walker, S.P. Hopkin R.M. Sibly, and D.B. Peakall, 2nd edition


The purpose of this course is to give a good overview of environmental toxicology. The emphasis will be on ecological impact as oppose to affects on humans. It will cover important principles that govern why certain substances are environmental hazards. It will also cover basic toxicology allowing student to understand why substances are toxic and how toxicity is measured in the laboratory and field. Specific substances relevant to this field of study will be discussed such as acid rain, ozone, organic nutrients, pesticides, metals, PCBs, and petroleum.
9/12 Introduction, Basics of Toxicology, Fundamentals of Environmental Toxicology,
& Sources of Pollutants
Chp. 2&3-
9/19  Fate of pollution, Fate of Metals Chp. 4&14
9/26  Fate of Metals and Organics Chp. 4&5
10/3 Paper Discussion, Review and Exam I
10/10  Toxicity Testing, EC50 and Computer Tutorial Chp. 6
10/17 ADME, Environmental factors, Paper Discussion Chp. 4,5&7
10/24 Biochemical Reactions (chemicals, radiation, metals, organics) Chp. 7&HO
10/31  Physiological Reactions, Review, Exam II 
11/7 Biomonitoring, Paper Discussion  Chp. 11
11/14 Biomonitoring, Biomarkers Chp. 11
11/21  No Class
11/28 Population Effects, Paper Discussion Chp. 12
12/5  Tolerance, Community Effects  Chp. 13 &14
12/12 Ecosystem Effects, Review Chp. 14
12/19 Exam III 
The course grade will be based on three exams a paper discussion. Point distribution will be as follows:
Assignment Points
Total points
Exam I 100 points 
350-315 (100-90%) 
Exam II 100 points
314-298 (89-85%)
Exam III 100 points
297-280 (84-80%)
Paper discussion 50 points
279-263 (79-75%)
262-238 (74-68%)
237-210 (67-60%)
209-193 (59-55%)
192-0 (54-0%)
Make-up exams will only be given if I am contacted ahead of the time and provided with a doctors note when appropriate. Assignments must be done on their due date.  Plagiarism or cheating on an exam will result in zero credit for that assignment. Exams are not cumulative.

Paper discussion
Once during the semester you will lead a class discussion on a journal article.  I will let the class decide whether they would prefer me to supply the articles or if you would like to choose your own.  I will supply a list of the appropriate journals to choose the articles from if you decide to select your own.  The discussion should include the objectives of the research described, the methods used, the results and the importance to the field.  This is not a seminar, the whole class is expected to have read the article and contribute.  I will do a demonstration first.  Ideally the discussion should last for about 30 minutes and should help the class understand recent material covered in the lecture.  I will have a sign up sheet at the first lecture for dates, topics will be added later as they are chosen.  Grading will be based on demonstrated knowledge of material, how it correlates with lecture material, ability to engage the class and your participation in your classmates discussions.

I am happy to help you with this course. Please, do not hesitate to contact me if you need help.