Computer programs available for Italian commercially

1. Micro-Tac  Italian Assistant
Micro-Tac Software
4655 Cass St. #214
San Diego, CA 92109
Also available from HyperGlot, below

Has verb forms, translation module.  Written by someone who copied a dictionary in its
earlier form-  all accents copied, etc.  

2. Hyper Glot Tense Tutor 
Drill-and-Kill type program.  Can be user-modified.

HyperGlot Software Company
PO Box 10746
Knoxville, TN 37939-0746

3. Hyper Glot Word Torture 
          (Mac; IBM Windows; IBM DOS)
as above, # 2

4. HyperGlot's Berlitz Think and Talk 
multiple CD disks, online dictionary, interactive audio CDs, etc.
As above, # 2

5. More general, but includes a lot of Italian stuff:
Culture 2.0  
Cultural Resources, Inc.
30 Iroquois Road
Cranford, NJ 07016

Works with National Gallery of Art Laserdisc, Apple's Visual Alamanac, Western
Civilization laserdisk; WW Norton's Anthology of Western Music recordings; WW Norton's
Norton Scores recordings.  All this costs extra and has separate distributors.

6. Word Perfect: dictionaries/thesaurus for Italian.   Available for
any version-- now up to 6.0 for DOS, exists also for Mac and Windows.

(Great stuff!  I have French, Italian, German, and use them all together on Bibliographies! 
Beware of 4.2 version though- another dictionary copier, a really poor version.)

7. Downloadable drills: available from Gopher and Isaac.  Have a network-savvy student
work on this.  They are free but have been binhexed and therefore need to be processed
before use.
Both Mac and IBM stuff is out there.

8. Italica press' A Pilgrim's Guide to Rome

Lots of fun-- in English, but good cultural stuff, and the best of Hypercard.  Students can
point and click to try anything in sight.

9. De Italia Includes 10 diskettes and videodisc.
          Mac HyperCard stuff, based on Agnelli foundation's videodisk. Lots of
culture- some mistakes in the Italian, but can be edited.
Available through

Jeffrey Wills, Videodisc Project
Dept of Classics,
Van Hise Hall 910
University of Wisconsin
Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-262-9755

10. Letteratura italiana Zanichelli (LIZ): $300 +/- CD-Rom.  Includes much of non-copyrighted 
Italian literature, from S. Francis to Svevo; superb search capabilities; DOS.

via Irnerio 34
40126 Bologna, IT 

 or maybe better, contact the author directly:

Pasquale Stoppelli, Lexis Ricerche
v. Acireale 19, 00182 ROMA

(reviewed in Lettere italiane 47,2 (1995), 312-19.

11. Bibliografia Nazionale Italiana (CD-Rom): complete, but expensive:

1101 King St.,
Alexandria VA 22314

Other programs for Italian (language and culture):

I. These come from

Lingo-Fun, Inc.
PO Box 486
Westerville, OH

1. Italian Grammar Computerized (Mac)  

2. Come si dice (Mac, IBM)  

3. Cloze encounters in Italian (Mac, IBM) 

4. Italian Flash (Mac) 

5. Italian Flash Stacks (Mac)  

6. Versatext (Mac)   

7. Versatext Culturegram, Italian (Mac)  

II. Transparent Language 

Consists of a basic package, plus different texts in different languages.  These
are simultaneous translations, with translator's notes.  It's available from
numerous sources, and has been reviewed in _Computers and the Humanities_,
among others.  

22 Proctor Hill Rd., PO Box 575
Hollis NH 03049 USA  1-800-752-1767 (US and Canada)
603-465-2230; FAX 603-465-2779

1. Introduction to Italian  (tutorial) + audio cassette

2. Tom Sawyer 

3. La ricerca di Ruben Bundy 

4. Pinocchio 

5. Gli Imbianchini non hanno ricordi 

6. I promessi sposi (sel.) 

7. Italian Grammar computerized

8. Cloze Reading in Italian

9. Italian Word Torture

III. Authoring programs (good for any language)

1. Calis & WinCalis  (from Duke Univ. Computing center; first is free: IBM
2. Dasher (U. of Iowa) Mac and IBM; U. of Iowa has written exercises for Da
Capo with them (Dept. of French and Italian, U. of Iowa; Mac version)

IV. These are available from:

Applause Learning Resources ('95 catalogue)
85 Fernwood Lane
Roslyn, NY 11576-1431

1. Come si dice...?  Apple , Mac 

2. Vocabulearn/Ce-Italian (3 levels; with sound (Mac- IBM-DOS-
IBM-Windows-), each level

3. Picture it! Italian (picture dictionary) IBM-DOS; Mac; IBM-Windows 

4. Cloze encounters in Italian Apple/IBM/Mac 

5. Italian Word Drill, Plus Apple 

6. Italian Grammar Review I Apple II's; MS-Dos; Mac 

7. Italian Vocabulary Games Apple II, MS-DOS, 

8. Italian Transparent Language MS-Dos/Mac  (disk or CD-Rom) 

9. Key into Italian MS-Windows; Mac

10. Think and Talk Italian CD-Rom (either)

11. Italian Word Torture MAC/MS- Windows 

V. These come from:

Multi-Cultural Audio Video Systems
19785 West 12 Mi. Rd., Suite 207
Southfield, MI 48076

Canadian address:
12033 St. Thomas Crescent
Tecumseh, Ontario
Canada N8N 3V6

1. Italian Basic Voca. Builder on Computer 2 diskettes, Apple 

2. Kidwriter Apple 

VI.  These come from:

World of Reading Ltd.
PO Box 13902
Atlanta GA 30324-0092

1. Picture It MAC, MS-Dos, Windows 
2. E-Z Languages MS DOS 30.00; Cd-rom w/all langs 

3. Vocabulearn level 1,2,3  CD-Rom 

4. Berlitz Think and Talk 

5. Tense Tutor Mac 

6. Word Torture MS-Dos /Mac 

7. Key into Dictionaries either

8. Language Assistant either

VII:  This can be found in:

The Whole World Language Catalogue 
96 Broad St. 
Guilford, CT 06437
1. Tense Tutor MAC 

VIII:  Also:

Holt Rinehart Winston
Harcourt Brace College Publishers
301 Commerce St., Suite 3700
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Tel 817-334-7500
FAX 817-334-0947

Troubleshooters Instructional Software
to accompany Ciao; Basic Italian 
available with books only

Gessler Publishing Co., Inc
10 E. Church Ave.
Roanoke, VA 24011

MacReader (authoring material for cloze, timed reading, jumbled sentences, jumbled
paragraphs) MAC 

Accent Expres (Accent Special Edition; Accent 1.0) Multilingual word processor
PC (basic program)
Special edition includes English, French, German, Italian and Spanish-- includes
thesaurus, hyphenation and word-for-word translation in English, French, German, Italian
and Spanish
Accent 1.0 for professional: spell checker in 17 languages, 9 language thesaurus,
hyphenation feature in 12 languages and same word-for-word translation feature as above.

Any additional software you know about will be gladly put here! Just e-mail info to BENETEDA@LANMAIL.SHU.EDU