Resources for Italian Studies

bulletServizio Bibliotecario Nazionale Italian Libraries On-line
bulletBiblioteca italiana:  On-line Italian Literature (Very Extensive)
bulletThe Decameron Web (Brown Univ.)
bulletLibrary Catalogs from the U. of California
bulletOCLC Homepage
bulletItalNet Includes the Ambrosiana Library Drawings and Renaissance Dante in Print
bulletThe ARTFL Project (superb! Many scholarly resources for French)
bulletARISITUM: Histoire et geographie en France (contains lessons of paleography, in French)
bulletL'accademia della Crusca
bulletL'Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (OVI)
bullet Read about the Opera del Vocabolario Italiano (article by the director Pietro Beltrami)
bulletCommercially Available Pedagogical Software for the Teaching of Italian
bulletMinistero per i beni culturali Homepage (book, archive, site access)
bulletL'Indice: New Italian Books
bulletCasalini Libri
bulletThe Labyrinth
bulletListserv mailing lists of interests to Italianists
bulletLiber Liber: Biblioteca telematica italiana