Business Policy/Capstone - COURSE DESCRIPTION





BMBA 9400: Business Policy/Capstone begins with an introduction to the simulated operations and strategic management principles and practice.  A number of simulated companies, one for each team, are created for practice of strategy, policy, and integrated operations.  Students will begin management of their simulated company once they have gathered working knowledge of the firm.  The rest of strategic management, combined with business functional knowledge from areas such as production/operations, marketing, and finance, is then applied in managing the simulated company.  A review of the functional skills is conducted as, when, and if needed.  Use of strategic management cases is carried on in parallel to the reinforcement of the concepts and practice.


The course is designed around an industry given at the end of the syllabus.  As a rule, it is an oligopoly industry.  The purpose of the simulated industry is to provide a forum to realistically see the relevance and consequence of general management decisions and strategic management.  Through the power of the computer, students will make strategic decisions relating to their firms, perform strategic management, and engage in stock market and financial manipulations relating to their simulated companies.  Computer simulation enhances experiential learning through the game.  



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